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Woodstock Chimes At The Shop

Woodstock Chimes was started in 1979 by Gary Kvistad using his background as a highly regarded percussionist. His goal was to tune each tube of the chime to a different note from a scale based on the theme that inspires the particular chime’s design. This creates a chime that not only looks great, but creates music as the wind passes through and around. All of Woodstock’s chimes are of top quality and have a very artistic presence. Sizes range from the tiny pocket chimes to the very impressive windsinger line that culminates with the grandeur of the 88″ King David.

Thier products are separated into several lines. Asli Arts consists of capiz and bamboo chimes and includes many traditional and whimsical designs. The Encore line is a wide range of chimes, with various colours, sizes and materials with affordable pricing. The Signature line uses heavier gauge tubes to create longer lasting notes. Every chime is of high quality and compliments any environment that it is hung.


Inspiration for the designs comes from many sources. Eastern themes include several chimes based on Feng Shui. As well chakra chimes have been very popular. Songs from various cultures inspire several of the chimes, including European, Asian, and Tropical themes and scales. Garden chimes add artistic touches to any garden with interesting shapes and subtle sounds and designs.

We have a large selection of Woodstock chimes in the shop, representing all of the design aspects incorporated in the product line. Feel free to browse through our Windchime room and listen to the various chimes on display.