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Walton Wood Farm Hand Balms

Walton Wood Farm – Shop Locally made Canadian products
“Consciously crafted & thoughtfully packaged gifts, sure to sow smiles.”
As I mentioned in my last blog, Walton Wood Farm is a wonderful line of women’s, men’s and pet’s personal care products. Made in Ontario means you are supporting Canadians who are part of this company and acknowledging the importance of sustainable, natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients.
The rescue balms for both women and men are made from cocoa butter, green tea and shea butter. Never greasy, but thick and super moisturizing. This product is one of our personal favourites. It really targets rough hand and works its magic.

The women’s “Beach Babe” hand rescue is where you can “Escape the dry hand doldrums with a fresh cut pineapple formula”. “Me” Time is “mojito magic” scented and “Birthday Girl” is a rejuvenating vanilla butter cream scent so that “soft hands take the cake”.

Walton Wood Farm Hand Balms
Hand Balms for the Ladies – Several great scents for everyoone!

The men’s hand rescue is just as cleverly labelled, and each has their own personal scent. “The Adventurer” uses a super-rich and hydrating bergamot green tea formula. “The Canadian” has a maple bark and wild portage trail scent which as stated on the tin that keeps “hands softer than your plaid jacket” and “The Gentleman” hand rescue has a citrus and mahogany scent so that “Well-Mannered Hands Have a Softer Touch”.
Walton Wood Farm Men's Set
Products with Matching Scents are available

These well crafted and natural hand balms are but a few in the Walton Wood Farm collection. They make wonderful gifts for others and of course are a daily must for yourself.