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Walton Wood Farm Hand Balms

Walton Wood Farm – Shop Locally made Canadian products
“Consciously crafted & thoughtfully packaged gifts, sure to sow smiles.”
As I mentioned in my last blog, Walton Wood Farm is a wonderful line of women’s, men’s and pet’s personal care products. Made in Ontario means you are supporting Canadians who are part of this company and acknowledging the importance of sustainable, natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients.
The rescue balms for both women and men are made from cocoa butter, green tea and shea butter. Never greasy, but thick and super moisturizing. This product is one of our personal favourites. It really targets rough hand and works its magic.

The women’s “Beach Babe” hand rescue is where you can “Escape the dry hand doldrums with a fresh cut pineapple formula”. “Me” Time is “mojito magic” scented and “Birthday Girl” is a rejuvenating vanilla butter cream scent so that “soft hands take the cake”.

Walton Wood Farm Hand Balms
Hand Balms for the Ladies – Several great scents for everyoone!

The men’s hand rescue is just as cleverly labelled, and each has their own personal scent. “The Adventurer” uses a super-rich and hydrating bergamot green tea formula. “The Canadian” has a maple bark and wild portage trail scent which as stated on the tin that keeps “hands softer than your plaid jacket” and “The Gentleman” hand rescue has a citrus and mahogany scent so that “Well-Mannered Hands Have a Softer Touch”.
Walton Wood Farm Men's Set
Products with Matching Scents are available

These well crafted and natural hand balms are but a few in the Walton Wood Farm collection. They make wonderful gifts for others and of course are a daily must for yourself.

mens grooming skin and beauty

Walton Wood Farm

Walton Wood Farm

Walton Wood Farm Logo
It all started on a farm in Bailieboro Ontario, June 2014. Leslie had grown up on a cherry farm. Along with her husband Peter, a retired farmer, they purchased a former dairy farm as their future home. Shortly after, they began making bath salts in their country kitchen. The early beginnings of a start-up business called Walton Wood Farm. Now, they have created over 85 consciously crafted, personal care products for women, men and recently for pets. Leslie had been on Season 11 of Dragon’s Den, came away with an offer, and her company has just kept on growing into one that cares deeply for small town communities and their heritage farms.

Now, I must take you back to the first time we met Leslie. We were at the August Toronto Gift Show in 2014 and came upon this very personable person, wearing an apron who had a very humorous display of women’s bath salts that she had created and designed in her farmhouse kitchen. The packaging was great, using glass milk bottles and the labelling was hilarious. We decided it was a great find for our shop and went with it. Shortly after, Leslie travelled across to Streetsville, and met us at the store carrying a pig under her arm. Now, this was not your average pig. This was a cute, genuine ceramic pig, whom Leslie introduced as Walton, the mascot of the company and representing their vegan and animal cruelty free stance.

Walton – the Mascot

The beginnings of a great relationship between Walton Wood Farm and The Shop, their display area has increased as their line has grown to include many women’s and men’s grooming products and now a new line for your pets.

Their beauty and personal care products are also consciously clean; free of SLS, paraben, phthlate dye-free, and gluten free. They also contain essential oils and butters. As Leslie explained to us back in the beginning, product scent lines were named after her own life experiences such as Me Time, Dear Mom, Week from Hell, Rebel Girl, Beach Babe, Birthday Girl, Canadian Girl, Nurse’s Rescue, Winter’s A B*TCH and BETTER B’ver.
The Men’s line contains Aftershave Balm, Beard Balm, Beard Wash, Body Wash and shampoo, Body and Shaving soap in great scents such as The Gentleman, The Adventurer, The Wanderer, The Canadian, The Musician, Men Don’t Stink, Boys Don’t Stink, Proud Cock. All products are alcohol free as well.
I will discuss each line in more detail over the next few blogs.
Want to see more of Leslie and her history? Here are two of her videos
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