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Stinson Bowls

The New York International Gift Fair was amazing! Besides being a good excuse to visit NYC, the show introduced us to new sources we don’t see at the regular shows in Toronto. What is more exciting is finding ones that are actually from Canada! Stinson Studio is a great example.

Located in Tamworth Ontario, Stinson Studio is family owned and operated since 1982. They create extremely interesting salad bowls and art pieces using woods from eastern Canada. The woods they choose show fantastic character in their grain and the shapes they create are quite artistic making great attention grabbing salad bowls, both for personal use and for gift giving. They also create pieces from burled wood that make a statement in any decor. An important aspect of their operating principle is the sustainability of the woods they acquire, ensuring that they use as much of the raw material as possible for multiple bowls and boards.

We have just received our first shipment, and we are very impressed with the quality of the work the Stinson family performs. Be sure to see the pieces in the shop next time you drop in.