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Jasmine Mist Tea

Jasmine tea is a traditional Chinese green tea. Referred to as a scented tea, the blenders flavour the tea with the wonderful aroma of the jasmine flower. Admirers call this scent is “the spring scent of China”.  Sloane Tea creates a sweet and delicate version of Jasmine Mist Tea with the enticing aroma of freshly plucked Jasmine.

jasmine mist tea
  • Tea Type: Green Tea with Jasmine flavour
  • Amount per Cup: 2 grams
  • Steeping Temperature: 80 degrees
  • Steeping Time: 3 minutes
Jasmine Mist tea cup
jasmine mist box

Jasmine Mist is green tea gently scented with fresh picked jasmine blossoms, at a weight ratio of flowers to tea of four to one.  The dried full leaf green tea are rested alongside the jasmine flowers. As a result, the aroma of jasmine is picked up by the tea leaves.  Keeping the scent fresh, the processors trade in newer jasmine blossoms for spent flowers. 

Enjoying Sloane’s Jasmine Mist Tea

As with any great tea, make sure you fully appreciate the sensory qualities this tea has to offer.   Take time when open the signature tin. You will immediately encounter its marvelous scent. Look at the shape and colour of the leaves.  Then steep the leaves for about three minutes in water heated at green tea temperature – 80 degrees Celsius.  You will find that as the tea steeps the scent becomes even more aromatic. You know you are in for a real treat!

 The golden ivory colour of this full-bodied tea, with its fragrantly floral scent and refreshing taste are your reward. Being a green tea, you can infuse the leaves multiple times. Be sure to enjoy Sloane’s Jasmine Mist hot or, as a treat, iced during the hot days of summer. It is most definitely a green tea worth its weight in jasmine blossoms.