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Earl Grey Classic

A tea-maker keeps the classics great by using the finest ingredients. Sloane Tea Earl Grey Classic starts with a blend of the best Ceylon and Assam teas. Next, the Sloane blenders add the finest bergamot oils from Italy.

Earl Grey Classic Tea
  • Tea Type: Assam and Ceylon teas
  • Amount per Cup: 1 teaspoon per cup – two grams
  • Steeping Temperature: 100 C
  • Steeping Time: 4 to 5 minutes.
Earl Grey tea
Earl Grey box

Tea historians offer several variations of the origin of the use of bergamot as a flavouring for tea. Importers may have accidentally stored plain tea too close to bergamot, thus infusing the flavour into the tea. Other theories include the use of bergamot to improve the taste of poor quality tea or poor quality water. Further, many historians believe the tea is named after Charles Grey, second Earl Grey (1764-1845). However, not all historians accept this theory.

And now to brew some Earl Grey

The bergamot scent rises from the tin as soon as you take off the lid. You will also notice that these are whole leaves, not the broken leaf commonly found in regular Assam and Ceylon teas.

Sloane Tea Company recommends black teas are steeped for five minutes using water that has been brought to a full boil, 100 degrees C. Be sure you do not to over steep – no more than the recommended five minutes. As well, you should not steep black teas more than once. This is opposed to green or white teas where multiple steepings are possible.

Sloane Tea Earl Grey Classic is available loose in their signature tins or in boxes of fifteen pyramid sachets. You can enjoy Earl Grey iced as well as hot.