We will be close Thanksgiving Weekend, Saturday October 10 to Tuesday October 13. We reopen on the Wednesday.


  • Aftershave Tonic


    Use Cutthroat’s soothing tonics in combination with the shaving soaps...

  • carbon fibre comb

    Chicago Comb Carbon Fibre


    Known for their stainless steel combs, Chicago comb has expanded...

  • chicago comb leather sheath

    Chicago Comb Leather Sheath


    Chicago Comb Leather Sheath. Made to fit any size of...

  • Cutthroat Beard Oils


    Cutthroat offer three beard oils All natural blend of argan,...

  • Deodorant


    The foundation for our impressive deodorant is our special blend...

  • chicago comb no. 1 matte

    No. 1 Chicago Comb


    Chicago Comb No.1 comb design.  The ultimate hair comb, made...

  • chicago comb no. 2 matte

    No. 2 Chicago Comb


    No. 2 comb from Chicago Comb  Great design, shorter with...

  • chicago comb No. 3 matte

    No. 3 Chicago Comb


    No. 3 Comb design from Chicago Comb.  Made in USA,...