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From Sara Bonnyman website:

“For a wet shaver, life isn’t complete without a Moss Scuttle. The Moss Scuttle is an ingenious design of a wet shaving scuttle that arrived through my fax machine one winter from Dr. Chris Moss of Tatamagouche.The design came with a request to make one which I gladly did, oblivious at that time that there were any souls out there that used a brush and/or a straight razor to shave.

Chris was delighted when I delivered the first one and said “I have 800 friends”. His posting of the scuttle on proved that wasn’t an idle boast and generated an enormous interest from around the world. Chris also asked that I send a scuttle to Corey Greenberg of, which resulted in a rave review and instructions on how to use the scuttle.

To make a scuttle requires a month from start to finish. Each scuttle is individually hand thrown by me, then dried, fired, glazed and refired to almost 2300° F.”

Sara Bonnyman Pottery is located in Tatamagouche along the north shore of Nova Scotia. She is a respected potter and is the maker of the famous Moss scuttle, the ideal shaving bowl for keeping the soap warm for the second application. Available are large sized scuttles, extra large Texan scuttles and regular lather bowls with either a mug handle, or no handle in the Ayar or the SB style. Colours include ivory, slate, cobalt and brown, amongst others.