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Our relationship with The Sloane Tea Company started in 2011 when we met Hoda Paripoush at a trade show in Toronto. Her display of teas and her knowledge and love of the product attracted us to become one of the first retailers to start offering Sloane Teas.

Earlier in our history, Hoda offered several “Tea 101” courses in The Shop – two hours of introduction to all things tea. Types, flavours, how to cup and of course sampling of fine teas were all part of the day.
Hoda only uses the best ingredients, from the fine teas themselves to the sources of the flavours that she adds to the packaging itself – there are no compromises. We have seen her offerings vary – new flavours are added, older ones are retired. But her key products will always be available.

The cornerstone of Sloane Teas is definitely Heavenly Cream, a tea based on Earl Grey, it combines bergamot with vanilla to create a “heavenly” experience. To this a wide range of flavours are available. Green, oolong, white, black teas along with herbal teas based on mixes of herbs as well as a few based on rooibos are added.
Sloane Tea Company teas are available in the signature caddies as well as boxed sachets. Not all flavours are available at all times. We will try to keep a list on this page as to which ones we have available.
We also keep a small selection of flavours available in individual wrapped tea bags that are a nice touch to add to a gift or card.

Teas available in Sachets

Hoda, master tea sommelier

Sloane Tea Company

Blood Orange Oolong
Bold Breakfast Tea
Celebration Medley
Chocolate Truffle
Earl Grey
Gunpowder Green
Heavenly Cream
Jasmine Mist
Jasmine Pink Lemonade Black
Jasmine Snow Dragon
Lapsand Souchong
Marrakesh Mint
Marsala Chai
Mini Caddies Heavenly Cream
Mint Chocolate
Peaches And Cream
Rouge Provence
Sencha Classic
Signature Black
Sloane Tea Filter Bags
Tropical Green
White Jasmine Ice

Fine Tea Flavours

Sachet Bold Breakfast Box
Sachet Celebration Medley Box
Sachet Earl Grey Box
Sachet Heavenly Cream Box
Sachet Jasmine Mist
Sachet Marrakesh Mint
Sachet Masala Chai Box
Sachet Mint Chocolate
Sachet Peaches And Cream Box
Sachet Rouge Provence
Sachet Signature Black
Sachet Tropical Green Box

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