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It is often said that everything that is old is new again. Lynda Carr has held this philosophy from a very early age. Always intrigued and inspired by vintage items like architecture, clothing, furniture, jewelry, Lynda took this attitude and applied it to her wonderful art. What many see as old and tarnished silver serving platters, bread plates, butter dishes and trivets, Lynda sees as new and shiny rings, bracelets, broaches, and necklaces.

In 2004 Lynda took her innate artistic talents and applied them to her newfound skill as a silver smith. Every silver piece that Lynda starts with is overflowing with uniqueness in both design and provenance. These features combined with her talent for designing result in the final product the “L Carr Vintage Collection”. This line is designed to maximize the aesthetic beauty and practicality of recycled silver. Like all art, no two pieces are the same; everything created by Lynda is one of a kind.

Extensive yearly trips abroad to India, the Middle East, Vietnam, Africa, Australia and Asia have heightened her creative edge in both design and techniques. With a 21st century flare and a nostalgic tie to the past, her individually handcrafted jewelry is both charming and elegant.

Lynda practices her “three r’s” recycle, restyle, reborn, from her quaint studio located in Wainfleet, Ontario. The studio is a working studio, people are welcome to stop in and see her create her unique, one of a kind, artisan jewelry. The next time you see something old and tarnished, it may be hiding something truly beautiful and unique.

L Carr Design Studio, located at 32161 Bell Rd. in Wainfleet Ontario, is an open concept, working studio. Stop by to view creativity in action, as vintage pieces are recycled and reborn into new, chic jewelry designs! Every piece is initialed to create a one-of-a-kind, verifiable work of art.

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