We are a beeswax candle company in Eastern Ontario, located just 2kms West of Tweed (that's how our name came to be--Tweedle Bee). Our beeswax comes from local beekeepers. All our candles are handcrafted in our workshop and made with TLC (Tender Loving Care). After several years making beeswax candles for some of the largest beeswax candle companies in Canada , we have developed a more efficient and improved way of making high quality and affordable beeswax candles. We use our own candle designs to produce solid beeswax candles with no layers to chip, crack or blister. We utilize a simple yet effective time honoured settling technique to remove the impurities from the beeswax, leaving the body and character of the beeswax intact. Because of these techniques we are able to use 100% cotton wicking, resulting in a bright and vibrant flame. We offer high quality candles, made from solid 100% pure beeswax with absolutely no additives or paraffin. The candles have been tested and continue to be tested in all the sizes of candles we produce. We take great care in making sure the wick and the candles work well together. We can guarantee our candles due to our intense research and testing. We would be thrilled if you would give our candles a try. We believe you'll be happy with your choice.