We are nearing the end! Our final closing day is sometime in September.

Just like the fine specimens it originates from, each piece of leather is unique in its own right. Leather is an amazing material to interact with because unlike other materials which deteriorate over time with wear-and tear, leather only gains more character with age.

When we started Bacchus & Barley we wanted to make sure that every product was created with respect for the hides and more importantly for you. This meant no fast fashion. Instead we focused our attention on creating goods that were durable, functional, and timeless. Accessories that would be with you for the long haul.

With this in mind we knew we had to keep things local. No matter what anyone else says we think it’s impossible to have a hands-on approach when your product is manufactured 9000 kms away. Thankfully we were able to find skilled labour close to home. In the small community of Markdale, Ontario Canada (Pop: 1,325), a dedicated team of leather workers handcrafts each one of our accessories from 100% full-grain leather.

Each hide originates in Italy or North America and is selected with careful consideration of the adventure that lays ahead of it. Whether it’s the cell-phone case that follows you into the lake, or the wallet that miraculously gets retrieved from a New York City taxi-cab, the patina of your leather accessory will reflect your stories and experiences. Wherever life takes you it’s sure to be an adventure. Make sure you accessorize for these adventures with some #betterleather from Bacchus & Barley.