Alusi® Candles transforms an age-old tradition into avant-garde candle craftsmanship. Using wax and wick as our me­dium, we meld patterns found in nature with modern art and architecture to create multi-flame designs that truly move.

Each candle in the Alusi® collection is its own elegant, moving sculpture. At play are light and shadow, shape and silhouette, sensuality and luminosity.

Alusi® Candles appeals to the contemplative spirit, to those who look for art in each mo­ment and to those who appreciate the idea that without time, there can be no change.

With each striking multi-flame design, we seek to rearrange notions of what a simple candle can do.


Quality materials, innovative technologies and creative design. This is what Alusi® Candles are made of.
Designed in Germany, made in Canada.


Our candle wax is food grade and 100% biodegradable. For all Alusi® Candles we use only lead- and zinc-free wicks.


For each of our unique candles we designed a package that‘s equally as practical as it is stylish. All candles are packed perfectly secure for transportation.

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