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Men's Grooming Products

Canadian and International Brands for Men’s Grooming

We carry products for most of your grooming needs, and our selection keeps growing.  Whether you are bearded, clean shaven or somewhere in between, we have products  you need from many small Canadian suppliers as well as hard to find lines from Europe and the United States.  Styling products for your beard, hair and skin from soaps to lotions and scents.


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We noticed that stores that carry grooming products tend to have either no section or only a small section targeted to men.  And when they have this section it is filled with the biggest names in the game.  No smaller companies that specialize.  So we added a couple of local lines.  From there things took off.  While most stores that did carry a range of men's styling products kept reducing their offerings, or worse yet closing their storefront and going online only, we kept expanding.  Now we have what our customers call the best in store collection available.  You will find beard oils, beard balms, shampoo, face cleansers and scrubs, combs, brushes, beard wash and conditioner - the list goes on.

Brands We Carry

We carry a range of men's grooming product lines. Follow links to shop.


Always Bearded



Better Beard Company

Captain Fawcett

Castle Forbes

Crown Shaving

Cutthroat Shaving Co.

Edwin Jagger



Groom Shaving

Groom Mate

Henri et Victoria


Kings Crown

Mammoth Beard


Rebels Refinery

Scaramouche & Fandango

Taconic Shave

Truefitt and Hill

Urban Beard

Walton Wood Farm



Beard Oils and Beard Balms

Shop Beard Oils

When you grow a beard, it is not long before you realize that taking care of it is both important and enjoyable. Many product lines are available.  With this selection comes different mixtures of essential oils that help care for the beard hairs and your skin below.  The quality of the carrier oil and the essentials oils is critical - you need to find ones that work for you.  Make sure not to be taken in by low priced oils - they will use cheaper ingredients to keep the price down, sometimes making the bottle the most expensive part of the package.

Beardbrand Gold Line Beard oils

Beardbrand Gold Line

Shop Beard Balms

Beard Oils help keep the hair and skin healthy, which help control the style.  But for real hold you need a cream or balm.  Some creams are thinner, giving you a medium amount of hold.  On the other hand, some are wax based which gives a stronger hold.  You decide how much hold you want.  Though the thickness of these products make them harder to spread, so you may want to apply a beard oil before for moisturizing.

walton wood canadian beard balm

Moustache Waxes

Moustache waxes help hold the shape of your 'stache.  They usually come in either a tube that resembles lip balm or a tin.  The tube is easier to carry in your pocket for 'emergency' touch ups.

Shop Beard Wash and Conditioner

Shampoos are formulated to clean you hair and the scalp underneath.  If you use the same soap you wash your body with, you might find it has unwanted effects on your hair. You could find it makes your hair dry or waxy.  Beard wash and conditioners are formulated to be used on your facial hairs.  Many people wash their faces with a different product than they use on their hands.  The face tends to be more sensitive and we are more concerned with the look of our facial skin than that of our hands. So when you wash your beard, you are also washing your face. Therefore you might want to consider using a beard wash instead of hair shampoo.