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Men – Be Kind to your FACE – Your Daily Facial Routine

Men – Be Kind to your FACE – Your Daily Facial Routine
Lucky you. Your skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s facial skin. There is more circulation happening because you have more blood vessels. Generally speaking, your skin is oilier, and you are able to maintain more hydration within your skin. As well, you have a greater density of collagen. All these factors are allowing your face to age gradually. So how do you protect, maintain and achieve this healthy skin? Certainly, that depends on your genes, what you put into your body, environmental factors and of course, how you take care of your skin.
The start and end of your day should always include an invigorating morning facial routine and a relaxing evening routine. This does not mean slapping after shave on your face or being aggressive to your skin. Your face requires a gentler approach.
Your skin consists of three layers. The hypodermis is the deepest layer, containing fat and connective tissue. The next layer is the dermis which holds your hair follicles and sweat glands. The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin and and holds in moisture. This is where you may see rashes, hyper-pigmentation (those dark patches that appear from the suns damaging rays), dry and patchy areas, oily areas, enlarged pores, and inflammation such as acne.
Your skincare routine should always start with cleansing your entire face. To help you determine what kind of product to use, remember to look at whether your face is oily, dry or a combination of both. Due to your hormones, men usually have larger pores and as I mentioned that usually means oilier, shinier skin. That does not mean you want to strip your face of its natural oil. You do want to control the excess oil.

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A variety of facial products are available from several companies

Cleaning your face removes dirt that clogs your pores and removes some of your dead skin cells. When washing use your cleanser in a circular manner. Always be gentle and wash your face for approximately two minutes. A quick wash does not do the job. Some of the best cleansers are oil based as they attract dirt and provide a thorough but gentle cleaning. Stay away from alkaline soaps as they disrupt the skins balance and strip the lipids that naturally keep your skin moisturized.
While your skin is still moist apply a toner. This is an important step as toners balance you skins PH and allows your skin moisturizer to do its job. Do not slap it on, instead rub it between your fingers and pat it on, or spray it on your face and then pat.
As stated above, following the toner your skin requires a moisturizer, providing hydration to the deeper layers of your skin. This is what allows your face to look refreshed and keeps it young. Apply the moisturizer onto your already damp face in gentle, small circular motion.
These processes: cleanse, tone, and moisturize are the three fundamental steps.
If your skin has other issues, such as inflammation or skin disorders then those may need to be targeted differently.
To protect your skin daily it is very important to block the harmful rays of the sun by using sunscreen. If you are exposed to mid-day sunlight, use a broad-spectrum SPF that shields your skin from the ultraviolet rays that damage your skin and age it prematurely.
In the next blog, I will discuss various types of products available in each of these categories, as well as adding exfoliating to your weekly routine. Included will be discussion of products for those sporting beards and moustaches.