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Vegan leather is an alternative material to leather. It is made of polyurethane, a synthetic material. Polyurethane(PU) has a lower environmental impact and does not use harmful chemicals as compared to another more common synthetic material, Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC).
At the Shop For All Reasons we have recently introduced Louenhide, a company from Australia that designs stunning purses and wallets that are all made of vegan leather. The material used is a synthetic material, 100 percent polyurethane, which is more resistant to scuffs, stretching and fading. The term leather refers to the fact that they are soft “like leather” and soften with age “like leather”.
Louenhide was created in 2006, by the “design duo” Lou Kendall and Heide Bailey from Brisbane Australia. Combining their names Lou and Heide, they created the new boutique label Louenhide, and “emerged as a favourite accessories brand, helping shape the style of different women of all ages and budgets”. – Alena Kirby
The purses are designed to be contemporary and classic with great attention to detailing in the hardware and interiors. Vegan leather bags feel like natural leather and are lightweight. Offering of a stunning palette each season captured our attention and is reflective of the growing trend for colour in fashion accessories. This fall and winter season’s are stunning.
Caring for vegan leather is an easy process. Wiping it down after a light surface spray of warm water or soapy water with a soft cloth, allows this material to stay clean and soft. Avoid leaving the bags in direct sun, like real leather, as this may crack and dry them out. Store your bags in a cool, dry place and just
as you care for your other bags, store your Louenhide with a dust cover or pillowcase to keep them dust free.

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Our products made with polyurethane (PU) are easy to maintain and will last just as long as genuine leather if you take special care. Fortunately, PU is more resistant to scuffing/marking and has less chance of stretching/fading over time
Please consider the following steps when caring for your LOUENHIDE PU product:
• Avoid hanging your bag by their straps when storing
• Waterproof before use with a good-quality protector
• Wipe down the material with a damp cloth when required
• Leather cleaners and conditioners are recommended for maintenance
• If using alcohol based products, be sure to test a small spot of the material before applying to entire product.
• Store in a cool, dry place where air can circulate and your product is away from direct sunlight
• Air your bag every couple of weeks to limit the chance of mold, or if need to remove unwanted smells leave a sachet of coffee beans overnight
• If your product gets really wet, remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel and allow it to dry naturally.

Why buy vegan leather or pleather instead of real leather? Aside from the ethical arguments, which you may or may not agree with, Louenhide allows you to acquire a selection of attractive bags to compliment every season. Whether for travelling, everyday use or looking for a dressy bag, Louenhide has many options and is budget friendly. The leather look is always impressive, and the wear characteristics of these bags means you will get a great deal of use from your collection.

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