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If you are looking for great hot sauces, you have to look no further. There are many great Canadian companies producing the tastiest and hottest sauces around. Most are small companies committed to creating their products in small batches.
Some suppliers are right in our back yard, others are halfway across the country.

Spice of Life

The Spice of Life Story

We have to admit that we love Spice. We have an entire shelf in the fridge full of various hot sauces and cupboards full of tasty spices from all over the world. We began to realize that we really did not enjoy the majority of hot sauces that we bought. Although they were hot, they lacked flavor and they were not something that we could put on the table and enjoy everyday. We began to buy Hot Peppers from the local markets and came up with our Hot Pepper Sauce. We decided to not add any additives, fillers or preservatives. What we came up with is a 100% natural Hot Pepper Sauce that we love and hope that you will too!!
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Not all Hot Sauces are created equally

Sick of looking at the list of ingredients of your food label and not being able to pronounce half of the words?
So were we! They say that you are what you eat and society is starting to understand how food additives and preservatives are affecting our health. We use real farm fresh food to create our Hot Sauces and do not feel the need to add any fillers or junk in our products. Real food made for real people.

Cooksville Hot Sauce

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There are lots of Canadian hot sauces. Some are regional, made and sold in one locale. Others that claim to be Canadian are actually made in another country, imported to Canada and labelled here. Most haven’t been around that long.

We actually make our sauces in Canada and have been doing so since 1974. And the bulk of the ingredients we use come from Canadian growers and producers. Obviously, some of the more exotic peppers come from abroad, it’s almost impossible to grow some of them in our climate. I know this from personal experience because I tried some exotic varieties when we were growing most of our crops near Ottawa when we were located in that region. Something that requires 250 days to reach maturity doesn’t do well in December in Northern Canada.