Hoselton Sculptures – Art in Aluminum

Hoselton Sculptures – Art in Aluminum

At The Shop we have built relationships with many Canadian artists and their studios. One of our longest and closest relationships have been with Hoselton Studio, located just outside Colborne Ontario. We have offered a wide range of their sculptures and have enjoyed a tour of their operations during a visit several years ago. Their expansive studio is located near the ‘giant apple’ that you pass as you head east along the 401.
hoselton studio logo
It was here in 1967 where brothers Gord and Carl Hoselton decided to use easily obtained raw materials such as scrap metal and marble from local quarries, to apply their artistic talents. They created a range of sculptures from which they formed moulds to cast reproductions in aluminum.
Now 50 years later, Holselton Studio continues creating over 500 unique sculptures. Their artform begins as drawings and, with a collaborative approach, they are transformed into luminous aluminum sculptures, made from recycled alloy. A whole team is involved with this creation, using perfected techniques to cast, clean and polish the final product.
Ultimately the company was passed down to the next generation of Hoseltons. Gord and Carl’s daughters, Jan and Carol, took over the studio and now Jan Hoselton is the owner.

Their extensive and time-consuming process of sand casting was perfected by Gord and Allan Butters over 40 years ago. The sand cast is taken from the original image and a 2-piece mold is created. Heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, the molten aluminum is poured into a new mould and then cooled.

When completed, the sculpture takes on a beautiful sheen either in a shiny or brushed finish. The simplicity of design of each piece is what creates a quiet elegant connection to nature and our beautiful country of Canada.
Hoselton’s Art in Aluminum have been presented to Heads of State, Prime Ministers, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Queen Elizabeth II as well as gifts on behalf of the Canadian Gov’t.
Their pieces are a popular item gifted to foreign visitors or brought to other countries as gifts by both business and personal travelers. Several versions of loons are available, varying in size and pose.

hoselton loon with chicks sculpture
The popular loon with chicks mounted sculpture on dark marble.

Inukshuks, bears, beavers and moose are also representative of Canada, and all can be mounted on marble creating a stunning look.
Inukshuk circle on white marble
Five inukshuks in a circle mounted on white marble.

tree of life in aluminum
The Tree of Life – can also be mounted.