Hatley – for kids, cooks and coffee mugs!

hatleylogoWhen you enter The Shop For All Reasons, you can’t help but notice a Canadian brand of infant and children’s clothing named Hatley. The colourful fabrics and creative designs are inspired by nature. Each piece is extremely durable, comfortable, easy to clean and adorable.
In the beginning, Alice and John Odland opened a small gift shop called The Little Blue House. The artwork was designed by Alice, and John, a business professor, was the salesperson. Initially their stock centred on kitchen linens: sewn aprons, oven mitts and chef hats. Now their design studio in Toronto not only creates great infant and children’s clothing but also fun kitchen towels, mitts and aprons, sleep shirts, boxers, socks, notepads and many more items. SJ0FAHO175
What was once a small cottage business founded in 1987 in North Hatley, Quebec is now a Montreal-based gift and apparel brand run by their three creative and enterprising sons.
Colourful, nature-inspired graphics, and humorous print is what makes Hatley extra special and why you will find them at “the Shop”. ap0wibv014