Hatley Fall 2015

As I am about to write this blog for Hatley’s rainwear, we have just had a wonderful downpour and the rain has finally rejuvenated the grass and gardens. The colours are looking refreshed and bright. Unpacking Hatley raincoats was fun. Inspired by nature, the great graphic prints are bold and splashed with playful colours. A perfect match for toddlers and children and well suited for both our Canadian fall and spring weather.
Hatley’s raincoats are waterproof and PVC free. Their comfy terry lining allows for rolling up the sleeves, not only showing off their coordinated lining but also to allow for at least two seasons of wear. I also recommend buying one size larger as the change of weather means layering your child’s clothing underneath. Always thinking ahead as your child is forever growing!
For this fall I have chosen various playful designs: Farm Tractors, Soft Deer, Icy Butterflies, Unicorns & Rainbows and Dragons. The matching fun-patterned umbrellas with their “child safe design make the perfect rainy day accessory. Wooden accents give them a classic look”. RC3FAJA010
As a grandparent, taking photos of our grandchildren has created great family memories. Just imagine how adorable your child or grandchild would look dressed in Hatley.
Wishing you a wonderful ending to your summer and a great back to school and… welcome to fall!