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Dawson’s Garlic Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Garlic Jalapeno

So many great products are being produced locally that it is not always necessary to look any further than where you grew up to find a small supplier with a sauce that satisfies your taste.
This is what I found with Dawson’s Hot Sauce. From my hometown of Hamilton Ontario, Dawson’s offers three sauces developed by Brodie and his father Bruce. The mildest sauce is their Garlic Jalapeno. Very chunky and very garlicy. If you want a garlicy spread with a little bit of bite, this is the ticket. Main ingredients are the jalapeno and the garlic along with poblano pepper. Also not too salty. The heat a fairly low – this is a sauce most people should be able to handle without problems – keeping in mind that it is a hot sauce so does give some kick for the faint hearted!