Pomp & Ceremony Men’s Accessories made with Liberty London fabrics

Andrea Dixon has an eye for style – that is obvious from the prints she chooses for her men’s ties, pocket squares and bow ties. She selects from the range of patterns offered by Liberty London in their quality cottons, wools and silks. Since some of the patterns are seasonal, these accessories may only be offered for a very limited time.
While some patterns are bold and colourful, others are more subdued. This means you can choose items for very different occasions. Better yet, mix and match the patterns to come up with your own distinctive looks.

Liberty prints are made for Liberty London, a department store located in London England. The store was started back in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty who grew the business into what was considered the trendiest or most fashionable shop in London. He used British designers to create prints that were then manufactured in textile factories in Merton. The designs of the fabrics and fashions rivaled those of other European fashion centres. This reputation for fabric design continues to this day.

Andrea works out of Toronto, making this yet another small local company we are supporting. Her products caught our eye last year, and we are pleased that she has agrees to make us the first Mississauga store to highlight her products.

The bow ties are self tie – (shouldn’t every man know how to tie their own bow tie? – would James Bond wear a pre-tied?) and can adjust to a twenty-inch neck size. Regular ties are 2.75 inches wide at the end – perfect width that is always in style! And yes, these are self tie as well! The pocket squares are 15 inches by 15 inches.
Later, we may add ascots, thin ties, matching cuff links and bow ties for boys from her selection.

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Men’s Jewellery Cufflinks

Looking for a simple and effective way to make an individual fashion statement? Consider wearing cufflinks. The extra touch can stand out without being garish – unless of coarse that is the effect you are trying to create. Formal dress in a tux would be incomplete without cufflinks, but as the level of formality drops, their use becomes less essential, yet makes a real fashion statement. They lend a touch of class that brings attention to the detail in your overall look. Novelty themes of the jewellery become quickly noticed and are sure to elicit comments if not compliments.
Wearing Cufflinks
Normally worn with French (or double) cuffs, they also work with convertible cuffs which sport a hole beside the button(s) that allow access for a cufflink.

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

There are a couple of methods of using cufflinks with convertible barrel cuffs. Here, the cuff is folded as if it were a French cuff, with the buttons now being on the opposite side of the cufflink, facing out. You can also shape the cuff as you would if the buttons were being used, now the buttons would be layered between the top and bottom cuff.

This barrel cuff is made with a button hole running between the two buttons affixed.

Here, the cufflink has been passed through the straight through the two button holes with the lower part of the cuff underneath the top, basically worn as a regular barrel cuff. This works best when the sleeve of the jacket is slimmer, not allowing for the extra width of the French Cuff.

Another option is to wear the cufflink through the holes with the same method used for French cuffs.

French cuff – a more formal look. But don’t be afraid to use these cuffs on less formal shirts and event.

In our next posting, we will show you a range of cufflink styles that are currently available.

Canadian made Lipson custom dress shirts are available at Ladner’s Clothiers in Streetsville.  (220 Queen St S – now on the upper level)


the Authentic Cutthroat Shaving Company

The Cuttroat Shaving Company will be demonstrating their products in The Shop on Saturday May 7th. Come in and meet Amber and her line of shave soaps, balms, oils and shampoos. She also creates handmade razors and shaving brushes. We are hoping she is able to bring a selection for viewing!


Loison – Real Italian Panettone

Panettone – usually associated with the Christmas season – is one of the tastiest treats from Italy you can find! And when you first try the best, you realize what you have been missing. Loison is a respected producer located west of Venice in Northern Italy. They follow traditional techniques in producing their panettones and pandori, taking 72 hours to make a cake! And their pride in their work show!

“Tradition is our main ingredient and Passion is what heats our ovens: we have been creating signature confections for three generations and we bring them to tables across the world. From grandfather Tranquillo, continuing with father Alexander, to arrive today to Dario Loison, today company leading with over 75 years of experience and improving: its strength is in the ancient family vocation.”


We carry a wide selection from their lines, various sizes and flavours – from the traditional to lemon, wine and chocolate. A beautifully wrapped Italian panetonne makes a wonderful hostess gift or a gift for that person who has everything. Or better yet, just bring one home for dessert tonight!



Sloane Tea Seminar November 1

Sloane Tea Seminar

One of our most popular events – Hoda Paripoush’s Tea Seminar – will take place on November 1st from 2 to 4 PM. A great way to spend an hour touring the world of teas, learning about its history, types and flavours. Become proficient steeping the perfect cup of any tea. Whether your favourite is black, green or herbal you will be sure to see the pleasures in the nuances of all tea.

sloane darj_main-1
The Shop carries the full range from Sloane Tea. Hoda uses only the best ingredients; travelling the world and working with suppliers from areas such as China, Assam and Darjeeling. Her flavoured teas use top quality leaves as a base then adds perfectly complimenting herbs and spices.
Come into the shop, email us or give us a call to book a spot for this event. The cost is only $15 per person, and you will receive samples of teas to bring home worth at least that amount!



Hatley Fall 2015

As I am about to write this blog for Hatley’s rainwear, we have just had a wonderful downpour and the rain has finally rejuvenated the grass and gardens. The colours are looking refreshed and bright. Unpacking Hatley raincoats was fun. Inspired by nature, the great graphic prints are bold and splashed with playful colours. A perfect match for toddlers and children and well suited for both our Canadian fall and spring weather.
Hatley’s raincoats are waterproof and PVC free. Their comfy terry lining allows for rolling up the sleeves, not only showing off their coordinated lining but also to allow for at least two seasons of wear. I also recommend buying one size larger as the change of weather means layering your child’s clothing underneath. Always thinking ahead as your child is forever growing!
For this fall I have chosen various playful designs: Farm Tractors, Soft Deer, Icy Butterflies, Unicorns & Rainbows and Dragons. The matching fun-patterned umbrellas with their “child safe design make the perfect rainy day accessory. Wooden accents give them a classic look”. RC3FAJA010
As a grandparent, taking photos of our grandchildren has created great family memories. Just imagine how adorable your child or grandchild would look dressed in Hatley.
Wishing you a wonderful ending to your summer and a great back to school and… welcome to fall!


Hatley – for kids, cooks and coffee mugs!

hatleylogoWhen you enter The Shop For All Reasons, you can’t help but notice a Canadian brand of infant and children’s clothing named Hatley. The colourful fabrics and creative designs are inspired by nature. Each piece is extremely durable, comfortable, easy to clean and adorable.
In the beginning, Alice and John Odland opened a small gift shop called The Little Blue House. The artwork was designed by Alice, and John, a business professor, was the salesperson. Initially their stock centred on kitchen linens: sewn aprons, oven mitts and chef hats. Now their design studio in Toronto not only creates great infant and children’s clothing but also fun kitchen towels, mitts and aprons, sleep shirts, boxers, socks, notepads and many more items. SJ0FAHO175
What was once a small cottage business founded in 1987 in North Hatley, Quebec is now a Montreal-based gift and apparel brand run by their three creative and enterprising sons.
Colourful, nature-inspired graphics, and humorous print is what makes Hatley extra special and why you will find them at “the Shop”. ap0wibv014


Kaloo Perle Collection

Here at The Shop For All Reasons, one of the most frequently asked questions is…. What gifts do you have for the newborn baby? Alongside our collection of infant clothing from Canadian companies Hatley and Parade, we offer toys and keepsakes that will be both cherished and educational throughout the child’s early years.
We proudly carry a wonderful line of KALOO stuffed toys. Theses adorable toys came about as one father’s dream to invent a unique soft bear. Established in France in 1998 the company designs their products with the highest quality. Each amazingly soft toy created is part of a French themed story collection and is beautifully packaged in a sweet keepsake hat box.
The PERLE collection “inspired by a clean aesthetic”, uses a soft colour palette of cream, baby blue or pink. Each bear or bunny is machine washable and dryable (see label instructions) and is certified lab tested following European and American safety standards.
“Perle by Kaloo explores the beautiful and boundless nature of imagination, creating a loving and warm atmosphere to shower newborn babies with wonderful gifts and blessings.”
Next, our KALOO story will focus on their fresh and vibrant Colors collection of toys and the discussion of play as essential to infant development.