How to Choose A Teapot

When you choose a teapot to enjoy that perfect cup of tea, you may initially be looking at appearances. What style, colour or pattern? Though it is somewhat of a personal choice, there are various important factors to take into consideration. These will help you to decide which teapot will work best.

Tea drinkers in China were the first to create teapots. As they were for personal use, they were quite small. Today, the size of your teapot depends on the amount of tea you are making, the type of tea you are brewing and the size of the tea leaves.

Tea leaves need room in the water to fully expand. The size of the teapot and the method of infusing should allow for the water to circulate around the loose tea. Only then can you enjoy the full flavour of the tea. A tea ball stuffed with leaves does not allow for the tea leaves to fully expand. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of a tea ball.

Teapot Material

There are many materials that are used in making tea pots. Each type of material has its own merits depending on the type of tea you are brewing.

Glass teapots work best for brewing blooming display teas. These teas are created to allow for the tea drinker to appreciate the beauty of the unfurling leaves and watch them “bloom” in the glass teapot.

Porcelain teapots as well as glass teapots do not affect the tea’s flavour. White and green teas steep at 175 to 185 degrees F, so these materials work well with the lower temperatures.

Ceramic teapots are made of clay and work well for herbal and black teas. These teas are brewed at a higher temperature so it is best to use a material that will hold the heat. Pu’erh is a fermented tea. It should be brewed in its own dedicated unglazed porous clay teapot.

Cast iron teapots are heavy and hold their heat for the longest time. This works well for black teas. They should be glazed and coated so that a metallic taste is not transferred to the tea.

brown betty teapot
The glaze and shape of a Brown Betty are easy to recognize

Brown Betty teapots are a type of teapot that are made from the red clay that was discovered in the Stoke-on-Trent area of Britain in 17th century. A Brown Betty is easily recognized by its characteristic brown glaze and round profile. The clay from the area maintains heat and brews a great cup of black and Darjeeling tea.

And now to make some tea!

Remember, when choosing a teapot, you should take into consideration the size of the tea pot, the water temperature and the steeping time required for each type of tea.

Before you enjoy your tea, take the time to look at the various shapes and sizes of tea leaves. How do they smell when dry, when wet? What is the aroma of the liquor (tea jargon to describe the smell of wet tea leaves).

Whether you use sachets (tea bags), or loose tea, your perfect cup of tea begins with you, your tea and your choice of teapot.

Heavenly Cream Tea
Heavenly Cream black tea from Sloane Tea
Gourmet Teas

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants – Appreciating Beautiful Tea

When we started our tea journey at the shop, one of our first encounters was meeting Hoda Paripoush at a Toronto trade show. Representing her company Sloane Fine Tea Merchants, she was standing behind two glass tea pots and offered us a taste of her tea. It was a heavenly! The light amber colour, the intoxicating scent…. the lingering tastes that even upon further sipping, overwhelmed our senses. We had found the finest tea.
Sloane Fine Tea Merchants Logo
Sloane Tea calls itself an “alliance of Fine Tea Merchants of premium specialty tea that is sourced directly from the point of tea origin”. In other words, they have sourced and created relationships with prized estate tea growers and their gardens from around the world.
Each tea is individually sourced and custom created by Hoda with a team of independent tea sommeliers and culinary experts.

Hoda’s Story

Hoda’s own personal tea journey began from her Persian ancestral customary teatime. Her family continued to follow this custom in India where she was born and lived for a decade. She embraced these early sensory tea experiences that would later influence her life journey.
As refugees, her family relocated to Brockville Ontario. Hoda’s early career choice was to study naturopathy. She soon after realized that it was not allowing her to appreciate her sensory connections to fragrance.

Visit to Sloane Tea
Visiting Sloane Tea in Toronto

She began her training at one of the foremost perfumeriesin Grasse France. Later she completed her training in the U.S and Canada and received certification as a professional tea sommelier in both countries. This allowed Hoda to pursue her goal of using the principles of perfumery to blend teas.
In 2011 she founded the premium Canadian tea company. The name  comes from Sloane Square in the Chelsea district of London.

Her tea is known as “crop to cup” – meaning that it is a direct trade from the tea gardener’s estates to the user. The means there are no distributors or brokers involved. Travelling the world, Hoda created associations with various tea gardeners and their finest tea plants, . These estates are now part of her tea family. Blending the teas with blossoms, scents and natural spices Sloane has created exceptional teas.

Sloane Tea products
Sloane Tea offers a variety of packaging and gift items

Serving Sloane Tea at the best locations

Sloane Tea is served on Via Rail, The Regis, Ritz Carlton, and the King Edward Hotels, as well as other fine restaurants.
It is also proudly sold at The Shop For All Reasons. Experience Sloane loose teas sold in beautiful, collectable signature tins – designs inspired by Hoda’s travels. Also available in her packaged sachets.
You will cherish your teatime with your family and friends!


Sloane Tea – Tea 101

An introduction to the world of tea by Hoda Paripoush.
Spend a Sunday afternoon with a visit to exotic locations where only the best teas originate. Learn the difference between green, black, white and oolong tea, and sample from the Sloane Tea collection.

Limited seats are available; a nominal charge will apply to hold one for you.
Enquire in The Shop.

Date: Sunday April 27 2014 at 2pm


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Brown Betty Teapots – Adderley

We have just received a shipment of Brown Betty teapots.  These are made at Adderley Ceramics in Stoke on Trent, the area known for the special clay used for decades in Brown Betty ware.  Reading the history of Brown Bettys, it is interesting to note that several ceramic companies have created them over the years, with various levels of quality (or lack there of). Lately, it has become difficult to obtain any Brown Betty, but we are pleased to have found this supplier with a line of both brown and cobalt blue teapots.  The quality is the best we have seen, and that has been verified on several other web sites dedicated to the art of British tea.

We have on hand 2, 4, 6 and 8 cup in both colours, as well as tea mugs and trivets.   Various styles have been made over the years – these are based on designs used around WWII.

Adderley Ceramics swing tag OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA betty teapot cobalt new

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Sloane Earl Grey Classic Tea

Our premium tea line from Hoda at Sloane Tea Company offers the best classic and blended teas available! With a wide range, from black to green to oolong, as well as flavoured teas, tisanes and rooibos, there is sure to be several to satisfy both the tea connoisseur and anyone who just enjoys an excellent cup.

Earl Grey Classic is a blend of high quality black tea, cornflower petals and natural bergamot. Hoda describes the flavour of the tea: “Golden amber liquor, medium-bodied, velvety smooth with a lengthy and creamy vanilla linger.”

Steep the tea for 4 to 6 minutes using one teaspoon for 6oz. of water (at about 90 degrees C)