Designer, Fashion and Fine Jewellery

Designer, Fashion and Fine Jewellery : Definitely captures our attention, but what is the difference?

Fine jewellery – pieces that become family heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation usually has an associated price tag to reflect the quality materials and workmanship in each individual piece. Here is some needed information to help you feel informed when making the decision to purchase fine jewellery or fashion jewellery.

Fine jewellery is distinguished by the valuable metals and natural precious gems, including pearls, that create each piece. The metals used are white, yellow or rose gold, platinum and sterling silver.

Sterling silver genuine fresh water pearl earrings. Sharelli

Any jewellery that is plated using pewter, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum or other base metals – sometimes in different combinations that may include leather, fabric or resins – is known as “fashion jewellery”. You may have also heard the term “costume jewellery”.

Designer jewellery is fashion jewellery that has been designed and or created by various artisans who are known for their unique use of materials and creative styling.  The pricing will often reflect the designers brand name, the workmanship and the quality of the piece.

GOLD – 14k, 16k 18k gold is primarily gold with a mix of durable metals like zinc, nickel, copper or rhodium, as gold on its own is quite soft. There are 3 types of gold: white, yellow and rose gold.

The Sparkles earrings are inspired by Muizee’s favourite and popular emoji

WHITE GOLD is a mix of pure gold and on an alloy of white material such as nickel, silver, palladium and with a rhodium coating.

YELLOW GOLD is made with pure gold and an alloy metal such as copper and zinc. The higher the karat means the purer the gold, but also the less durable metal.

24 k is 99.99% pure, 22k is 91.7 pure, 18k is 75% pure, 14k is 58.3% pure

ROSE GOLD is pure gold alloyed with copper to produce the rose gold colour. The more copper used in the piece the more rose the colour. The colour range is from pink to rose to red. The common mix is 75% gold and 25% copper which not only creates the colour but also makes it a more durable metal.

GOLD VERMEIL refers to jewellery made of silver that is plated with a 10k layer of gold.

PLATINUM is almost the same as white gold but is pricier as more platinum is needed due to the density of the metal. Platinum is known to scratch more easily and needs to be cleaned and polished more often.

STERLING SILVER is an alloy of silver that is 92.5 % by weight of silver and 7.5% of weight of other metals, usually copper, thus the reference 925. The additional alloy creates the hardness and durability of the silver. Some sterling silver jewellery is plated with a layer of silver to increase the shine of the silver. Sterling silver if not coated can tarnish due to the humidity in the air. If not worn often it is best kept in a plastic or specially lined bag.

Monitio leaver bracelet from Brave Leather

Hopefully this brief introduction helps you understand the basics of materials, terms and qualities of jewellery.  Further blogs will delve into individual pieces, specific artists, fashion trends and other fun jewellery information.

skin and beauty

Double Happiness Skincare

Around a year ago, we brought into the shop a new women’s skincare line called Double Happiness Skincare. With co-creators Sonja’s and Young’s background in herbology and their love of essential oils, they developed a healthy, vegan and organic choice for skincare. Personally, having been diagnosed with eczema and allergies to synthetic fragrances, I was constantly experiencing major flare ups over the last several years and was seriously intent on finding Canadian products that were ph-balanced, simple, plant based with no added fragrance or perfume.

Double Happiness Skincare was mindfully created in 2015.  By using powerful active botanical and elixirs that are hand-blended and filled with healing properties, Double Happiness Skincare re-balances, strengthens and nurtures the skin.

An easy and relaxing skin ritual consists of: RESTART FACE OIL CLEANSER, REFRESH FLOWER SHOWER FACE MIST, RESTORE FACE OIL POTION used in the morning and at the end of your day, as well as REFINE FACE EXFOLIATOR used once a week or when needed.


This first step to cleaner skin is filled with botanical oils are that are ph-balanced for your skin. Filled with pumpkin seed oil that is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which easily removes makeup and deeply cleanses with the intoxicating smell of rose and neroli. Using several pumps gently massage onto your moistened face and wash off with warm water or a warm wet face cloth. Doing this during your morning shower routine is very relaxing and easy. Your face is now ready for the next easy step.


With organic botanicals of rose hydrosol and essential oils, this light mist calms inflammation and hydrates the skin. It also effectively sets your makeup and leaves your face with a dewy glow.  It’s a must throughout the day and when travelling, especially when flying, and instantly refreshes your face.  Remember to shake well before use.


NOTE: FACE OIL DOES NOT MAKE A GREASEY FACE!! Only a few drops are needed of this elixir filled with powerful active botanicals and schizandra berry which has been used over 2 thousand years ago to nourish the skin, improve elasticity and reverse the effect of free radicals. Magnolia leaf, pomegranate and sea buckthorn are rich in antioxidants, omega and vitamins which strengthens weakened skin, reduces inflammation and promotes healing from sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.  Broccoli seeds within the elixir also helps to keep your skin hydrated.  The rosehip is not only a lovely natural fragrance but is high in OMEGA 3 and 6 and stimulates collagen especially for mature skin.


Using a blend of natural ingredients that gently exfoliates the face and hydrates it, to create radiant skin. When used weekly or when needed, follow with the refresh shower face mist and restore face oil potion.

“DOUBLE HAPPINESS SKINCARE uses the finest ingredients available in the natural world that are harvest sustainably and mindfully. Joyfully handcrafted in small batches, their products are a ritual self-love, preserved by nature for healthy and happy skin”.



Julie Bessette Jewellery

Julie Bessette is a Montreal jewellery artist we discovered late last year. What caught our attention was her hand made and distinctive designs that are earthy and powerful.
After pursuing a career as an artist and fashion designer in Montreal, Julie and her family spent two years in Thailand, India, Tibet and Bali. She was inspired by the regional artisans and their use of natural materials in the form of beads, stones and crystals. Each piece of her own jewellery has been influenced by these experiences as well as her own creative abilities. The crystals and stones that she uses “represent an ancient wisdom and knowledge that connects to the strength and beauty of each woman and are designed to trigger harmony and well being”.
The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, used lapis lazuli, emeralds, clear quartz and turquoise. These beads, stones and crystals were used as talisman (a magical figure charged with the force its suppose to represent).

Agate is one of the oldest healing stones that are meant to bring protection, courage, emotional strength and self confidence.

Amazonite is the support stone and is meant to support communication of one’s own thoughts.

Lucy bracelet incorporates pyrite, Indian silver, brass beads and brass chain. Wided earrings with hematite arrows and Indian silver.

Julie uses a variety of materials, each with its own unique characteristics.  Here are some examples of additional semi precious stones she uses.  Amethyst is meant to promote calm, balance, peace and happiness, Amber is meant to be the love crystal and a symbol of beauty, tenderness and attraction. African Turquoise is meant to bring encouragement and growth, balance and prosperity.


Anne-Marie Chagnon 2016 Collection Twenty years of Creativity

Anne-Marie Chagnon’s jewellery reflects the beauty, strength and uniqueness of each woman. Through the medium of pewter, each piece is handmade at her studio located in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood.

The 2016 collection – layered with 22 carat gold or brilliant bronze – is punctuated with colours of soft blush, mint, gray and indigo.
Anne-Marie has named her pieces after “mountains that breathe fire”. Inspiration comes from active and dormant volcanoes from around the world: the majestic Japanese Asamu and Usu; Italy’s Etna; and the chain of vegetation-covered mounts in Papau New Guinea are included in her extensive collection. Follow us in forthcoming blogs as we travel to exotic locations and see how they have inspired necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

The Anne-Marie Chagnon gallery only uses top quality materials free of nickel, lead and cadmium. The modular design of the series makes matching various pieces a breeze and we are always available to help you choose whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift.

Kuju Necklace
Kuju Necklace
Kuju Mountain (credit – ANS)
Kuju Mountain (credit – ANS)


Hatley Fall 2015

As I am about to write this blog for Hatley’s rainwear, we have just had a wonderful downpour and the rain has finally rejuvenated the grass and gardens. The colours are looking refreshed and bright. Unpacking Hatley raincoats was fun. Inspired by nature, the great graphic prints are bold and splashed with playful colours. A perfect match for toddlers and children and well suited for both our Canadian fall and spring weather.
Hatley’s raincoats are waterproof and PVC free. Their comfy terry lining allows for rolling up the sleeves, not only showing off their coordinated lining but also to allow for at least two seasons of wear. I also recommend buying one size larger as the change of weather means layering your child’s clothing underneath. Always thinking ahead as your child is forever growing!
For this fall I have chosen various playful designs: Farm Tractors, Soft Deer, Icy Butterflies, Unicorns & Rainbows and Dragons. The matching fun-patterned umbrellas with their “child safe design make the perfect rainy day accessory. Wooden accents give them a classic look”. RC3FAJA010
As a grandparent, taking photos of our grandchildren has created great family memories. Just imagine how adorable your child or grandchild would look dressed in Hatley.
Wishing you a wonderful ending to your summer and a great back to school and… welcome to fall!


Hatley – for kids, cooks and coffee mugs!

hatleylogoWhen you enter The Shop For All Reasons, you can’t help but notice a Canadian brand of infant and children’s clothing named Hatley. The colourful fabrics and creative designs are inspired by nature. Each piece is extremely durable, comfortable, easy to clean and adorable.
In the beginning, Alice and John Odland opened a small gift shop called The Little Blue House. The artwork was designed by Alice, and John, a business professor, was the salesperson. Initially their stock centred on kitchen linens: sewn aprons, oven mitts and chef hats. Now their design studio in Toronto not only creates great infant and children’s clothing but also fun kitchen towels, mitts and aprons, sleep shirts, boxers, socks, notepads and many more items. SJ0FAHO175
What was once a small cottage business founded in 1987 in North Hatley, Quebec is now a Montreal-based gift and apparel brand run by their three creative and enterprising sons.
Colourful, nature-inspired graphics, and humorous print is what makes Hatley extra special and why you will find them at “the Shop”. ap0wibv014


Kaloo Perle Collection

Here at The Shop For All Reasons, one of the most frequently asked questions is…. What gifts do you have for the newborn baby? Alongside our collection of infant clothing from Canadian companies Hatley and Parade, we offer toys and keepsakes that will be both cherished and educational throughout the child’s early years.
We proudly carry a wonderful line of KALOO stuffed toys. Theses adorable toys came about as one father’s dream to invent a unique soft bear. Established in France in 1998 the company designs their products with the highest quality. Each amazingly soft toy created is part of a French themed story collection and is beautifully packaged in a sweet keepsake hat box.
The PERLE collection “inspired by a clean aesthetic”, uses a soft colour palette of cream, baby blue or pink. Each bear or bunny is machine washable and dryable (see label instructions) and is certified lab tested following European and American safety standards.
“Perle by Kaloo explores the beautiful and boundless nature of imagination, creating a loving and warm atmosphere to shower newborn babies with wonderful gifts and blessings.”
Next, our KALOO story will focus on their fresh and vibrant Colors collection of toys and the discussion of play as essential to infant development.