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Dawson Hot Sauces

Yes we have Hamilton's best, Dawson Hot Sauces! Be like a movie star and experience the flavourful heat!
Dawson's Hot Sauce was founded by Brodie Dawson in 2013. We are proud to say we use real peppers and fresh spices to bring our sauces to life. No added preservatives and the highest quality of produce means we're always fresh - all the time.

Coal and Canary Candles

Coal and Canary was born over a glass of wine. Hailing from backgrounds heavily rooted in decor and design, best friends Tom Jansen and Amanda Buhse share a passion for quality artisan products that not only look good, but are expertly crafted.

Soup Girl

New to The Shop - a selection of soup mixes from Soup Girl. Great vegan soups - hearty and healthy and really tasty!
Combining her passions for healthy eating and food sustainability, Jennifer Clark developed her dry soup mixes with the aim of creating healthy, delicious, vegetarian foods that are suitable for busy lifestyles.


In Store Events


Saturday December 15

Province Apothecary

Sign up in The Shop for your complimentary mini facial
message given by Province Apothecary Spa from Toronto.
Date is Saturday December 15th

Elvira Hopper

Elvira will be at The Shop on Saturday December 8th from 12 noon.
Come and meet Elvira, and let her introduce you to her
line of jewellery and her Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset!


Saturday December 8

Sonja of Double Happiness will be returning to The Shop
Saturday December 8th from 11 to 2 demonstrating
her line of skin products.

Sara Bonnyman

A selection of Canadian Handmade shaving pottery form Nova Scotia.

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Canadian Styles - Always in Fashion!

  • Uptown Sox
  • Brave Leather
  • Anne-Marie Chagnon Jewellery
  • Dana Roman Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Gourmet Foods

The Bean Ladies soups are back in The Shop. These soups are easy to make and have the power of beans to keep you healthy. New! Soup Girl - a selection of soups from Caledon. Vegan soups in a Mason jar, pretty enough to gift with, delicious enough to serve with any company!
Modena - home of Balsamic. Created using the cooked must of locally grown grapes, true balsamic only comes from the Reggio-Emilia region of Italy. Aging occurs in casks made with different woods, the product being moved from cask to cask over a dozen years or more.
Did you hear it is good for you? Anything that tastes this remarkable, must, to some definition, be good for you. Choose only chocolate that has been processed by those who respect the bean, avoid the confection that only resembles what true chocolate is meant to be.

Psst! Did you hear about our Alusi Candles?

Made in Canada - Candles with a special flare for style!