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Always something new to discover - make us your specialty shop!

Bar Ware

For those into mixology - get your hardware at The Shop - more coming in 2019

Valentine's Day

Still scheduled for February 14th - easy to remember. Cards, chocolates and jewellery are perfect for the day!

Hot Sauces

We are in the process of re filling our local and Canadian hot sauce supplies. Coming back in soon!

Pilgrim Jewellery - Mistura Watches

35% off Feb 15 and 16 only

This Weekend you will find 35% off of a wide selection of Pilgrim Jewellery and Mistura Watches as we make room for the 2019 styles to arrive!
In stock only,
Sale price off of regular non discounted pricing.

Sara Bonnyman

A selection of Canadian Handmade shaving pottery form Nova Scotia.

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Canadian Styles - Always in Fashion!

  • Uptown Sox
  • Brave Leather
  • Anne-Marie Chagnon Jewellery
  • Dana Roman Hand Painted Silk Scarves


With Paper-Oh and Paperblanks journals, planners and notebooks, The Shop For All Reasons is your source for your note keeping needs.

Gourmet Foods

New! Soup Girl - a selection of soups from Caledon. Vegan soups in a Mason jar, pretty enough to gift with, delicious enough to serve with any company! 12 Flavours - easy to make!
Sloan Tea Company with both blended and single source teas, provides a selection of green, tissane, black and oolong teas, in packaging that many keep once the leaves are gone!
Did you hear it is good for you? Anything that tastes this remarkable, must, to some definition, be good for you. Choose only chocolate that has been processed by those who respect the bean, avoid the confection that only resembles what true chocolate is meant to be.

Psst! Did you hear about our Alusi Candles?

Made in Canada - Candles with a special flare for style!