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Chocolates for the Season

We have chocolates from Rogers, M Thompson and Fraktals that will satisfy any chocolate yearnings. And from Italy we have brought back Amedei Chocolates including their Porcelana, Chuao and "9" - all award winning bars!

For kitchen and bar

Danica, Trudeau Corp
Rabbit Wine Openers and Tools
Aprons - Tea Towels - Gadgets

Gourmet - hot spice or chocolate or tea!

wow! our chocolate selection is mouth watering! Maple syrup from Quebec and local condiments.

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Canadian Resources

Witness the artistry found first in nature, presented through the eyes and hands of an artist!
Madoc Rocks - Stinson Studio - GKE Board and Bench


Add special atmosphere to any room using selections from our Canadian Artists!

Cedar Mountain Studios is located on the West Coast of Canada on beautiful Salt Spring Island. We settled on this gem in the Salish Sea almost 25 years ago and are so happy we did. We built our workshop steps away from our home on our 11 acre property surrounded by beautiful Cedar Trees a Pond and a vista created by mother nature. Our inspiration greets us every morning as we make our way to the Studio. We started the business in Vancouver in 1981 and the move to Salt Spring gave us a new focus and lifestyle which we have embraced. Happily we have been able to welcome our youngest daughter Amy and her husband Dan into the fold in recent years. The joining of family and a team of dedicated staff have created a winning combination for us. We recently coined the term “Mountaineers” to describe our clan. Hard work and humour are the keys to making the many hours spent at Cedar Mountain both happy and productive. As you will see we offer several lines of home décor with wood as our primary base. Each piece is lovingly created with the hope of sparking joy and inspiration for our customers. We also have the pleasure of working with some very talented artists who contribute their individual skill and style to our brand of handmade products. We are honored when visitors to our site choose to shop Cedar Mountain and bring a little partof us into their lives.
Wild Rose Pottery was established by Maureen & Barry Payne in 1975 and they built the pottery on our country property, 30 miles NE of Winnipeg, in 1978. Maureen is the original potter having been trained in England before they immigrated to Canada in 1967. She graduated with an Advanced Ceramic Diploma from the Cambridge Institute & Balls Park College Hertfordshire. She has been practicing her art continuously since that time primarily making functional stoneware pottery which we have sold at numerous retail art/craft shows across Canada.
MARILYN KUTSUKAKE, Mississauga, ON Born in Toronto Ontario, Marilyn Kutsukake has been working and raising a family for 25 years. For 15 years she has worked as a commercial artist, creating gift items, stationery, book covers and painting architectural subjects. She has also been involved in workshops as both teacher and participant, has had many solo exhibitions and participated in juried shows. Her paintings draw out the elusive details of mundane objects that become the silent witnesses to our lives. Using familiar objects such as bowls, chairs, quilts and pitchers, Marilyn achieves, through technical facility and emotional investment, the qualities that describe how the objects we live with, or remember become representatives of our memories and experiences. Rather than conjuring the merely nostalgic or sentimental facets of her subjects, Marilyn’s scope conveys the longing for hope and warmth that we also carry in our memory.

Gourmet Foods

With over 700 different kinds of olives, there are virtually thousands of olive oils that can be created. The best olive oils follow standards that ensure the product has the ultimate taste available from the olives being used. What olive oil is best? That is a personal matter of taste - but if the oil is processed to create a true EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), by experts, than you are ensured a top notch experience!
Modena - home of Balsamic. Created using the cooked must of locally grown grapes, true balsamic only comes from the Reggio-Emilia region of Italy. Aging occurs in casks made with different woods, the product being moved from cask to cask over a dozen years or more.
Did you hear it is good for you? Anything that tastes this remarkable, must, to some definition, be good for you. Choose only chocolate that has been processed by those who respect the bean, avoid the confection that only resembles what true chocolate is meant to be.

Psst! Did you hear about our Alusi Candles?

Made in Canada - Candles with a special flare for style!